2010-07-27 Dublin Evening Event: The Agile World

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18:30  Welcome and Introductions

18:40  Manage Me!

I have a passion for software design but do not consider myself a good team player. 

  • My Strengths: Self  Starter,  enjoy interesting challenging problems, full of ideas.
  • My Weaknesses: Low Boredom threshold, doing what I am told.

Sound like anyone you know?

If you want to find out how to get the best out of me come to this talk.  Specifically you will find out why I think Scrum is great, BUT.....

Presenter:  Dave Halpin.  Dave is a senior consultant with the Centre for Software Engineering with over 10 years experience in Agile Software Development. 

19:45  Your career as a ScrumMaster

"Scrum is a new way of building Knowledge Products. A new way of thinking and organising our work. Scrum has become incredibly popular in the last five years. Among many of the new approaches advocated, is that In Scrum there are no Project Managers." 

Oh No! What does this mean for us?

In this presentation, Nigel will introduce us to Scrum and in particular the exciting role of the ScrumMaster. More difficult than being a PM, more rewarding than being a PM. Very different to how most people judge a PM - Being a good ScrumMaster is a valuable, long term job - And some of you may be doing it already without realising.

Presenter:  Nigel Baker, works as an Agile consultant and Certified Scrum Trainer via his company, AgileBear Ltd. Nigel is working with a range of companies across the IT sector and beyond, helping them use Scrum to achieve their Project, Product and organisational needs.

21:00 Networking Session

Please join us for a drink in the hotel bar, and a chance to network with your fellow professionals.


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